30-DAY SLIM DOWN JUMPSTART Academy Members - BEGINS JAN 22, 2024

30-DAY SLIM DOWN JUMPSTART Academy Members - BEGINS JAN 22, 2024

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And He Shows Up! 

Based on our best-selling book, EAT LIVE THRIVE DIET, we’ve created a 30-Day program that has helped countless mature women lose weight and keep it off by addressing not only our physical dimension, but our mind and spirit as well. 

We've found that our live Zoom coaching and supportive community of like-minded Christian women makes a huge difference in helping our members realize victory over unhealthy habits in a God-honoring way. 

Whether you want to shed 5 or 50 pounds or more… now is a great time to reboot your health and your metabolism and renew your spirit so you can live out your God-given purpose. If not now...when? 


Simple 30-Day Jumpstart Diet 
Delicious 4-Week Meal Plan
Live Zoom Coaching 2 X Per Week
Bible Based Coaching & Resources
Team Accountability on Phone App
Private Facebook Group
Weekly Email Tips & Encouragement


Walking this journey with Danna and Robyn and the group through the MakeMe App has made a tremendous difference to my success.  Eat, Live, Thrive is so much more than a “program”; it is a way of life free from bondage to food. I feel like I am gaining control of myself from the inside out. I am connecting my body, mind and spirit, participating in the live coaching and connecting to other women, so that I am not just existing, but THRIVING!  I’m a work in progress and  each day I break free of the chains that have bound me for so long. – Mary Cay

I just want to let y’all know HOW MUCH the 30 Day Challenge has helped me GET BACK ON TRACK & STAY ON TRACK with my weight, workouts & healthy self talk.  I love the Make Me app because it keeps me accountable (which is EXACTLY what I need)! & Danna & Robyn were ALWAYS there with coaching every step of the way. I’m excited to be transitioning to the Academy for continued success. – Gaye 

I found this App fun and engaging. It definitely kept me more engaged in my daily lifestyle choices. It’s a very effective, subtle nudge of accountability. – Sandi 

 I am blown away-amazed at the time and effort our coaches – Danna & Robyn  put into completely personalizing this plan with encouragement and support every step of the way.  I know of no other eating plan that has this bonus – the personal interaction. Not once but twice a week plus a prayer time to boot. Just saying thanks does not seem enough…but anyway…Thank you, ladies! You Rock! – Silvia