Revive & Thrive Conference Package - Immediate & On-Demand

Revive & Thrive Conference Package - Immediate & On-Demand

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13 Dynamic Speakers

22 Intentional Living Topics

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In these crazy times, it's easy to focus on the lack of control we feel in many areas of our lives. It’s essential to remind ourselves daily that God is still in control, and He can and will use many of our challenges for our good and His glory. Thankfully, He has given us control over how we think and act (or react).We have 2 conferences for you to encourage and equip you. Our fall conference is focused on living with intentionality in the many dimensions of our lives such as our wellness, relationships, emotional and spiritual health, thought life, home life, and how we fulfill our purpose. Our bonus conference is focused on reviving and thriving body, soul & spirit.
We’ve gathered a group of twelve godly teachers, speakers, and authors to pour into your life to educate, equip, inspire, and challenge you. Best of all, all the sessions can be enjoyed at your leisure in the privacy and safety of your own home on demand.

 Speakers And Topics

Pam Farrell:

 #1: Become a W.O.W. Wife 

 #2: Revive Your Relationships

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith:

#1: Healing Emotional and Spiritual Wounds

#2: Finding Sacred Rest

Jill Savage:

#1: Better Together: Because You’re Not Meant to Do Life Alone

#2: Breaking Up with Perfect

Danna Demetre:

#1: Living Life with Purpose & Passion

#2: You Are What You Think

Robyn Thomson:

#1: Intermittent Fasting for Health and Weight Loss

#2: You Are What You Eat

Jill Swanson:

Intentional Style – 3 Steps to Looking Fabulous!

Dr. Michelle Bengtson:

#1: Move From Depression to Hope that Prevails

#2: Breaking Anxiety’s Grip

PeggySue Wells:

How to Live Well with Others

Ellie Kay:

#1: How to Be a Hero for Today

#2: Living Rich For Less

Diane Lowery:

#1: A Mighty Woman of Valor

#2: An Audience of One

Marcia Ramsland:

#1: The Intentional Morning “Power Bump”

#2: Organized To Thrive

Mary James:

A Life of Worship

Arlene Pellicane:

Revitalize Your Screen Time