Eat Live Thrive Academy - Lifetime Membership for Challenge participants

Eat Live Thrive Academy - Lifetime Membership for Challenge participants

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Our Eat Live Thrive Diet is a lifestyle plan to rev up your  midlife metabolism and unlock the key to what's been stalling your weight loss.  Our Academy Membership provides a coaching and support program to help you reach your health and weight loss goals once and for all with live daily and weekly connection with Danna & Robyn - Your Lifestyle Success Coaches!

Here's what some of our members are saying:

 “Our Eat Live Thrive coaches, Danna & Robyn rock! A very personal experience for all of our life struggles.. weight, health, beauty advice, etc! It feels like we’re just a bunch of girlfriends going through all of this together!” —TRACEY RENAUD

“The Eat Live Thrive Academy gives me the coaching and encouragement I need to be my healthiest self and the accountability to stick with my good choices.” —DIANA METZ

“The Academy truly makes me feel like I can achieve my goals with ongoing support even when I sometimes feel like quitting, they always encourage me to just keep going.” —EMMA KELLN



  • Live weekly coaching sessions with Danna & Robyn via video or phone (recorded)

  • Daily connection for questions and encouragement via private Facebook Support Group
  • Personalized approach to customize your diet and lifestyle

  • Interaction with successful members for encouragement and support

  • Comprehensive coaching to help you change your habits from the inside out

  • Access to private Academy website with video modules and resources

  • Highly affordable membership

3 Levels & 3 Phases

The Eat Live Thrive Diet is a 3-phase lifestyle eating plan that helps you unlock your unique keys to permanent weight loss, develop vibrant health and increase longevity & vitality.  In addition to jump starting your metabolism for fat burning, you will create a long-term lifestyle eating plan that will allow you to keep the weigh off, increase energy, look and feel younger and still enjoy your life at the same time!


3 Phases to Your Weight Loss & Vibrant Health Success:

  • Elimination Phase (14 Days)
  • Discovery Phase
  • Lifestyle Phase

3 Diet Levels to Choose From:

  • Level 1: Elimination of only two troublesome food groups
  • Level 2:Elimination of 5 troublesome food groups
  • Level 3: Elimination of the majority of troublesome food groups plus strategic detoxification components to cleanse your body

“The Eat Live Thrive Academy has provided me with the tools, resources, account- ability and support I need to make healthy changes in my life.” —TRACEY REYNOLDS

“I’ve lost over 24 pounds with the Eat Live Thrive Diet. For me, the Academy is my one-stop shop with a wide variety of support ranging from diet and exercise to supplements, skincare and even some fashion advice on occasion!” —SANDI FEENEY

“The Academy has brought me out of my isolation and feeling like no one cares. Danna and Robyn do care and provide excellent resources, support, encourage- ment and accountability for me to be to best me I can be through healthy life-style choices.”  —SHELLEY ARNSTAD

 Note: LifeTime Membership fee is non-refundable.