Gotta Have Guts Bonus Book with 3-Pack Of Colon Kits

Gotta Have Guts Bonus Book with 3-Pack Of Colon Kits

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Restore the natural, healthy flora your colon needs to function optimally. This easy to administer at home kit, delivers the probiotics you need directly to the colon. Conventional probiotics must pass through the gut where many are destroyed by stomach acids. Plus, this type of approach will save you money and give you faster results.

Like a mini enema, the procedure takes minutes, is painless, and all the liquid is quickly absorbed by your body. 

Many people report an improvement in bowel function, including resolving chronic constipation within 3 days of the infusion. It can help relieve irritable bowel problems, and reduce pain and bloating. 

Ingredients: This product contains a proprietary blend of colo-probiotics formulated to balance and enhance the natural healthy intestinal flora of the colon.

Kit Includes: Application bottle with 50 billion intestinal bacteria (20 strains), disposable gloves, tip applicator, water based lubricant, and illustrated instruction brochure. 

NOTE:  If nursing a baby or pregnant, seek the advice of a health professional before use. Keep this and all medicines out of the reach of children.