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How can I lose 5+ pounds in 10 days?

With our Eat Live Thrive Lite-Detox Reboot Diet & Expert Live Coaching!

Tens of thousands of women have read our book and over 1,000 women have participated in our live coaching challenges with great results as you’ll see above and below. 

It’s much easier than you may think. The 10-day eating plan is very simple and is designed to give you the quick jumpstart you need to see how much can change in 10 short days. 

THEN…We will also give you a simple plan to keep the weight off…or continue to lose more!

What’s included in the 10-Day Challenge?

Here’s Everything You’ll Get:
8 Live Zoom Coaching Sessions (Recorded)
Private Facebook Group
Daily Devotional Focus

A Digital Workbook with:
Diet Guidelines
Workout Guidelines
Busy Woman Menu Plan & Recipes
Accountability Worksheets

Our Coaching is God-Centered
We know that our journeys toward lifestyle freedom were impossible to sustain without applying principles from God’s word and learning to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to give us perseverance. We rely on the Lord to give us wisdom for coaching. We know He wants us to dig into spiritual truths to help our women overcome strongholds related to food and their bodies.