Eat Live Thrive!  One Month Private Coaching

Eat Live Thrive! One Month Private Coaching

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(4) 75-Minute Private Zoom Sessions

  • Emphasis on Listening Prayer for Addressing Challenges
  • Coaches Commit to Daily Prayer Cover & to be Engaged Spiritual Advisors
  • Prayer Bathed Goal Setting
  • Weekly Coaching Recap Notes & Action Plan
  • Private Zoom Recording of All Sessions 

Specific Diet & Fitness Customization

  • Establish realistic plans
  • Recommended fitness progression
  • Macro Nutrition Evaluation
  • Notched Up Nutrition Considerations
  • Establishing Carbohydrate Thresholds
  • Breaking Through Plateaus 

Personalized Emotional Eating Strategies

  • Identifying Eating Triggers
  • Addressing Food as an Idol
  • Building New Habits
  • Listening Prayer Discovery 
  • Personalized Self-Talk 

Accountability & Connection

  • Personal Text & Voicemail Availability (M-F)


  • 3 Bottles Original Lovidia Hunger Control Formula
  • 20% Off All Supplement Purchases