Periobrite Dry Mouth Lozenges
Periobrite Dry Mouth Lozenges

Periobrite Dry Mouth Lozenges

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PerioBrite Dry Mouth lozenges are specially-formulated for dry mouth to hydrate,refresh and provide BLIS M 18,an oral Probiotic. Reinvigorate your mouth with this refreshing lemon-lime mint flavored,convenient lozenge that packs a walloping punch of mouthwash,leaving your thirst quenching mouth moistened and refresh.

PerioBrite Dry Mouth Suggested Use As a dietary supplement Enjoy five (5) lozenges throughout the day. Allow to dissolve slowly in mouth. – Or as directed by your healthcare professional.


PerioBrite Dry Mouth – 100 Lozenges

view label Blis M18™Oral Probiotic
view label Cooling, Stimulating, Peppermint Oil
view label Moistening
view label Invigorating
view label Lemon-Lime Mint Flavored