6-WEEK DISCOVERY JOURNEY w/ Mobile App & Team Accountability

6-WEEK DISCOVERY JOURNEY w/ Mobile App & Team Accountability

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Begins on Sept 7th
(See link at bottom to join Academy)

  • Team Accountability with MakeMe Phone App*

  • Jump-start or continue weight loss with the Elimination Phase of the ELT Diet, and/or move into Discovery & Lifestyle phase of the diet.

  • Uncover Your Specific "Food Culprits"

  • Discover Your Personal Calorie & Carbohydrate Threshold

  • Continue to Revamp Your Underlying Habits

  • Design a Sustainable Eating Plan & Lifestyle You Can Truly Enjoy 

  • 2 Bonus Coaching Sessions - Discovery Testing Focused

Take your quest for a healthy lifestyle and victory over unwanted habits to another level!

We invite you to team up with other ELT Academy members on a 6-week journey. It will support you through all phases of the ELT diet. You'll have team support and accountability using the MakeMe Phone App as well as live coaching twice each week as well as  all our other premiere resources as an Eat Live Thrive Academy  Member.

The Make Me app will address logging in both Discovery Phase as well as Lifestyle Phase.

The price for this journey covers our hard cost for the customized "MakeMe" app which teams you up with other members to hold you accountable through daily logging specific to this special journey.

NOTE: Please make sure you are an active Eat Live Thrive Academy member to purchase and participate


 *This product is not eligible for any refund as the Make Me phone app is prepaid for the entire 6 weeks.