Pure Monk Fruit Sweetener (Extract) by NuNaturals
Pure Monk Fruit Sweetener (Extract) by NuNaturals

Pure Monk Fruit Sweetener (Extract) by NuNaturals

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NuNaturals Pure Monk Fruit Sweetener the our most concentrated form of Luo Han Guo. We love it for baking to add a healthy natural sweet taste without added calories or carbohydrates. 

Monk Fruit that has been used as a food, beverage, and traditional medicine for centuries in Asia, and is known for its triterpene glycoside, non-caloric fruit sweeteners. From the plant family Cucurbitac, it’s a relative of the cucumber, melon, and squash. While other Lo Han Guo products contain other ingredients, NuNaturals Monk Fruit Pure Extract Powder includes only one ingredient: Lo Han Guo extract.

This powdered extract is an excellent option for making large batches of food and beverage recipes. While monk fruit extract is more expensive than stevia extract, it has a unique taste profile and a great way to switch things up!

A Healthier Sugar Alternative: NuNaturals Monk Fruit Pure Extract contains zero calories and will help you cut sugar out of your diet.

Suggested Use: Add to sweeten your food or beverage 1/64 tsp (a pinch) tastes as sweet as 1 tsp or sugar.

Long-Lasting Flavor: One .71 oz bottle contains 500 servings, so each one will last for a long time. Please note that this product is filled by weight, so the jar will be approximately ¼ full when you receive it.

Sweetness Comparison: Monk Fruit is 300 times sweeter than sugar. 1/64th of a teaspoon, or a pinch, is equal to one teaspoon of sugar. ⅔ of a teaspoon is equal to one cup of sugar.

LoSweet Lo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) Pure Extract Nutrition Facts

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