What Happened to My Life?  By Danna Demetre

What Happened to My Life? By Danna Demetre

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For many women, busyness, worry, and discouragement can drain all of the joy and passion from life. The tyranny of the urgent, fears about tomorrow, and even small disappointments quickly leave them tired, frustrated, and discontent. But it doesn't have to be that way, says author, Danna Demetre.

In What Happened to My Life? Danna invites readers to join her on a 40-day journey where they'll learn to-slow down and make better choices - reinterpret life and have more realistic expectations - choose the very best from all the good - and pursue God in a life-changing way.

Whether dealing with a life crisis or simply feeling that life is not all they'd hoped for, readers will find that this book helps them to find authentic contentment and joy regardless of circumstances. And to move from simply surviving to truly thriving once again.