Extreme Makeover... God's Edition Audio Series

Extreme Makeover... God's Edition Audio Series

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Surrender your life in all its dimensions to the Master Designer and prepare to be amazed at all He has in store for you!

Before any significant makeover can occur, some demolition is usually needed. The old and unnecessary must be torn down before they can be replaced with the new and improved renovations. That is how God usually works in our lives as well. We must be willing to stand before the Master Designer and surrender all the “stuff” that is standing in the way of our remodel. 

Known for her authenticity and transparency, Danna touches women by her willingness to go deep and share the many ways God has demolished and rebuilt her life. Self-described as a continuous “work in progress”, she provides scriptural and practical teaching that help women experience a profound makeover of the heart through a deep exploration of five key dimensions: PHYSICAL, MENTAL, MATERIAL, RELATIONAL & SPIRITUAL. 


CD #1: The Extreme Makeover Demolition

CD #2: Extreme Makeover of Your Physical, Mental & Material Dimensions

CD #3: Extreme Makeover of Your Relational and Spiritual Dimensions

CD #4: From Extreme Makeover to Extreme Takeover


Danna's most popular retreat now available to download Digital version of the 4-CD Series by Danna Demetre