Eat Live Thrive Diet Self-Talk
Eat Live Thrive Diet Self-Talk
Eat Live Thrive Diet Self-Talk

Eat Live Thrive Diet Self-Talk

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God created our brains so that the most dominant thoughts “win”. Unfortunately, when it comes to our lifestyle habits, many of our dominant thoughts (like “I can’t live without chocolate”) are sabotaging our goals for a healthier body! However, He also gave us a powerful prescription for erasing and replacing destructive thoughts – renewing our mind with truth!

Designed to guide you through the three phases of the Eat Live Thrive Diet, this healthy self-talk recording provides impactful statements and scripture that will help you change your mindset when repeated frequently. Listen two to three times per day to the tracks which resonate with your place in the diet and your challenging thoughts. Continue this practice for as long as it takes for the new messages to take root and you begin to discover your feelings and actions are changing as if you have a new “automatic pilot”.

Track 1:  Introduction

Track 2:  A Spiritual Foundation for a Healthy Body

Track 3:  Getting Started

Track 4:  Elimination Phase

Track 5:  Perspectives on Level 3 Gentle Detoxification

Track 6:  Discovery Phase

Track 7:  Lifestyle Phase